How to Run a Successful Fundraising Campaign, According to Expert Cindy Clough
October 29, 2019

Cindy Clough, executive director of Just For Kix, has been called the Queen of Fundraising by colleagues. A studio owner and high school dance coach with over four decades of experience, Clough is known for her smart and successful fundraising ideas.

Now, Just For Kix has created a new online tool to help everyone tackle their fundraising goals, whether you’re raising money for uniforms, extra classes, or to cover the cost of travel for your dance team’s next convention.

Clough shared a few of her best fundraising tips, including everything you need to know about the new tool:

Bill Johnson, Courtesy Just for Kix

Get everyone involved.

“It works best for each dancer to have an individual account. Money raised goes directly into their account, and we keep a ledger on each participant. It helps them be more motivated. I learned this early on: If you divide the earnings equally, the ‘lazy people’ are along for the ride and the ‘workers’ carry the weight.”

Don’t overdo it.

“Do fewer, large-scale fundraisers. Early on in my career, I allowed parents to talk me into adding another one, and another one. It created additional work for me, and it divided the clients with some working on one and some on another. Start with a strong plan and stand firm on it.”

Bill Johnson, Courtesy Just for Kix

Simplify with an online tool.

Just For Kix recently created an online fundraising tool called Simple Fundraising. Clough shared how it works and what it can do for you:

What is it?

“It’s a seamless method for students to earn money to go on trips and even to pay their dance bill. The great news is you do not have to touch it—the items are shipped right to customers. I had my students get their phones out at practice one day and make lists of relatives, alumni, supporters, neighbors. They sold a great deal in 15 minutes.”

How do I get started?

Create your account as a team or an individual. If you’re fundraising as a group, you will need to pick a group leader who will be in charge of your funds (this could be a teacher, coach, parent, etc). They will receive your group’s monthly payouts. Once you’re all signed up, our team will create your storefront.”

How does selling work?

“We will build an online store with a great selection of products for your supporters to choose from. From there, your group will use Simple Fundraising tools to boost awareness of your campaign. Members can share the storefront as a whole or share individual items to Facebook, Twitter, email and text. All items that you sell are shipped directly to the buyer and you never have to touch them.”

How do I earn money?

“Every item sold earns your team member $10 towards their Simple Fundraising account. All payments are processed through Simple Fundraising directly so you don’t need to worry about handling money. Earnings are paid out to your group leader on a monthly basis.”

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