Listen to Al Blackstone's Epic Warm-Up Playlist
September 10, 2018

“I totally manipulate the energy in the room with my warm-up music. I start with something really calm and then build to something energetic. I go with sweet songs for pliés, so people soften and are vulnerable. Then I go aggressive with high-energy music for abs, and soothing music for stretches on the floor.

“I finish warm-up with step-touches to a fun song that feels like a party, so everyone can feel good. I couldn’t do my splits growing up, and that was always the last thing we did before center, so I would feel bad about myself. When I started teaching, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we ended warm-up with a party instead?”

“Micro Melodies”: The Album Leaf

“Next to Me”: Emeli Sandé

“Stop This Train”: John Mayer

“Hold Back the River”: James Bay

“This Gift”: Glen Hansard

“Crazy Love”: Irene Diaz

“The Music”: Hifi Sean (feat. Celeda)

“When I Come Around”: Honeywagon

“All We Want Is Love”: Ane Brun

“Work Song”: Hozier

“Gonna Move”: Paul Pena

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