In the Mood to Watch Some Comp Routines? These 3 Competitions Host Online Broadcasts
February 28, 2019

If you’re like us, you’re ALWAYS in the mood to watch some stellar comp routines. While it’s all fine and dandy to watch prerecorded pieces on YouTube, it’s far more exciting to see the performances of your friends (or even just the dancers you fangirl over) play out in real time. The anticipation for what comes next in the routine, how it will be received by the audience and how the dancer will manage unexpected hurdles are all part of the live-theater experiences you miss if you’re watching prerecorded footage.

Thankfully, competitions are getting up-to-date with media and recognizing the need for livestreams at each of their regional stops.

Here are three major competitions who livestream their events. Check out their tour dates to be sure they’re hosting this weekend, and then watch to your heart’s content! Hours and hours of dance are at your fingertips!

You’re welcome. 💁♀️

1. Break The Floor Productions

If you’re wanting to watch NUVO, Jump or 24Seven this weekend, go to They will have livestreams of each room at the competitions, along with a list of the numbers that will be performed each day.

2. Showbiz National Talent

Showbiz National Talent has a webcast in every city where they host competitions each weekend. Go to to see which three cities they will be recording, February 1–3.


RADIX is slated to be in Toronto, Canada, this weekend. It’s a hotbed for talent, so be sure to check out their live broadcast at

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