History Quiz: Ann Miller
March 21, 2022

1. Who was Johnnie Lucille Collier?

2. Which famous actress discovered Ann Miller?

3. How old was Miller when she signed a 7-year contract with RKO?

4. What was Miller’s tapping style?

5. Who were some of the directors and choreographers that Miller worked with?

6. Early in her career, Miller was compared to tap dancer ______ ______.

7. What Broadway musical starred Miller as the title role?

8. Why did Miller call herself the “Queen of the Bs?”

9. Lloyds of London insured Miller’s legs for ______.

10. In which movie did Miller appear alongside Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra?

Courtesy of Dance Magazine archives

1. Ann Miller’s birth name; 2. Lucille Ball; 3. 13 years old. Her father, who was a lawyer, drafted a fake birth certificate that stated she was 18.; 4. She developed a machine-gun tap style. Her agent said she could produce 500 taps per minute.; 5. Hermes Pan, Robert Alton, Busby  Berkeley, and Jack Cole; 6. Eleanor Powell; 7. Mame; 8. She appeared in dozens of B movies, made quickly for mass consumption.; 9. One million dollars; 10. On the Town

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