23 Things Dance Teachers Aren't Grateful for This Year
November 20, 2018

It’s Thanksgiving week and we are all kinds of grateful for our blessings this year! I mean we have all been given so much, it’s hard not to be!

That being said, there are still a few things we’re (eh hem) NOT so grateful for, too. So, before it’s officially Thanksgiving day and we all go around the table and share what we’re thankful for (as we should), here are some of the things that WON’T be making the list this year!


1. When dancers come late to class.

2. When dancers forget their costumes at home on the day of a competition.

3. When dancers say the word “can’t.”

4. When parents gossip about other parents’ dancers.

5. When teachers break the auxiliary cord on the stereo because they refuse to take their phone cases off.

6. When you have to bedazzle 35 costumes for your production number in one night.

7. When your music cuts out while your dancers are onstage at competition.

8. When your office manager forgets to send your studio’s music to competition before the deadline.

9. When dancers complain about fake injuries just to sit out of class.

10. When dancers ask to miss a dress rehearsal for a high school football game.

11. When parents don’t pay their competition fees one time.

12. When parents forget to bring cash/checks to pay you for their child’s private rehearsals.

13. When your costume seamstress goes AWOL two weeks before competition.

14. When the marley floors in your studio start to roll.

15. When students hang on the barres.

16. When a dancer shows up to competition with wispy hair and the wrong shade of lipstick.

17. When your team gets onstage and messes up the section of their routine you’ve spent the last month obsessively cleaning.

18. When your dancers leave wrappers and crumbs in the studio.

19. When you find out dancers have been talking bad about one another or being unkind on social media.

20. When you lose the adaptor that connects your iPhone to the stereo.

21. When you choose the perfect song for a comp routine, and then find out everyone else in the country had the same idea as you.

22. When you find out one of your teachers came to class unprepared and wasted an entire hour and a half of your dancer’s time.

23. When your dancers stretch their mouths and not their legs during warm-up.

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