Costume Countdown
August 1, 2012

The scoop on ordering costumes

A Wish Come True: “Surprise Party,” style H333

With summer break winding down, it’s not too early to think about costuming your upcoming performances. But first, take note of these tips from three manufacturers:

• Order on the company’s website to ensure easier and faster processing, recommends Art Stone, founder of Art Stone/The Competitor. That will also allow you to double check your order before submitting. And always check your invoice as soon as the shipment arrives. If there is an error, the manufacturer can correct it. If you wait, it may be too late.

• Refer to the size chart for each company and order accordingly, advises Renée Stojek of A Wish Come True. Don’t use just one general size chart when placing orders from multiple companies. Every company uses its own measurements, and they don’t conform to street sizes.

• Check with your bank before using your credit card for online or phone orders, especially when making a large purchase, says Amy Imhoff, Curtain Call Costumes customer service manager. Banks often flag such activity and may decline your card to protect you from fraudulent use. Pay in full if eligible for additional discounts, and don’t remove tags or write students’ names inside costumes until each piece is tried on and inspected.

• Order early. You’ll want costumes well in advance of picture days, shows and competitions, and if you wait until the week when discounts expire—the busiest time—processing could be delayed. —DT

Photo courtesy of manufacturer

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