Check Out This Roundup of Our Favorite #JUMParoundChallenge Posts
January 24, 2018

Is there anything better than a good social-media dance challenge? Yeah, we don’t think so! I mean, come onβ€”we’re dancers! We live for this stuff! Much to our excitement, JUMP Dance Convention is feeding our addiction with a new social-media dance challenge called the #JUMParoundChallenge. Everyone is either nailing it, or…crashing and burning πŸ”₯ (and you know how much we like to share videos of people falling) πŸ˜‚. Check out the roundup of our favorites here!πŸ‘‡

1. The team that started it all (and nailed it): Misha Gabriel and Julian Elia

2. The team that gave us an official tutorial: Findlay Cole and Rosie Elia

3. The team that couldn’t even kind of do it, but the chipmunk sounds and their darling personalities made up for it: Alisha Lucchese and Selena Lucchese.

4. The team of Mini Female Best Dancers that were close but…not quite: Brightyn Brems and Hailey Bills

5. The team with big muscles that made up their own tricks: tWitch and Hefa Tuita

6. The team that misunderstood the challenge completely, but made us all laugh our loud πŸ˜‚: Marcel Owens and Timmy Blankenship

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