Check out These Five Spooky Dance Videos That Will Get You in The Halloween Spirit
October 24, 2019

We’ve thought about it long and hard, and we’ve decided that dance videos and Halloween are a match made in heaven. The opportunity to portray a specific character (spooky or otherwise) through movement is, of course, the perfect prompt for tapping ultimate creativity.

Don’t believe us? Check out these five spooky dance videos and you’ll be sure to change your tune. It’s time to get in the Halloween spirit!

You’re welcome!

1. Which tWitch: tWitch Boss

Which tWitch: Halloween Dance Off

2. Circus Lights: StatusSilver

“Circus Lights” | Finger Circus | Gloving Choreography in 4k | LED Light show

3. Broken Ballerina: Kaycee Rice & Sean Lew

BROKEN BALLERINA ( Kaycee Rice & Sean Lew ) // ScottDW

4. The Joker Bathroom Scene: Joaquin Phoenix

Joker – Bathroom Dance Scene [Full HD] | Joaquin Phoenix | Arthur Fleck Dancing

5. Bad Guy: Kyle Hanagami

BILLIE EILISH – Bad Guy | Kyle Hanagami Choreography

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