Ask The Experts: What's Your Fundraising Policy?
February 16, 2018

Q: The parents of my competition kids keep requesting fundraisers, and it’s driving me nuts. In our contract, I said we would do three fundraisers, but now they’re pushing for more. What’s your fundraising policy?

A: Before any student and family can commit to our competition team program, they are given the cost of full participation and have to be able to afford classes, costumes, entry fees and rehearsals without any fundraising. Although we cannot require our parents to commit to a binding contract, we do have them sign a commitment letter stating that they have read and understand the expectations we have for them—including the financial investment. If they do raise money, it’s simply extra help, not the means for their participation.

We recommend delegating fundraising activities to a committee of parents, subject to your approval. Here’s an excerpt from our 2017–18 Calendar of Fundraising Events, published by our parent fundraising committee at the start of the season: “Fundraising for dance events are not Kathy Blake Dance Studios functions. If you have any questions regarding the events, or if you have any ideas for other fundraising opportunities, it should be brought to our attention. All fundraising activities pend approval from Kathy Blake.”

Kathy Blake (Kathy Blake Dance Studios in Amherst, New Hampshire) and Suzanne Blake Gerety co-founded

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