5 Tips For Having a Successful Studio Picture Day
June 18, 2019

If you’re not prepared, studio picture day can be a real headache. But, if done right, it can provide you with gorgeous photos that will make your students and parents happy, while simultaneously providing you with marketing content you will be able to use for years to come.

Here are five tips that will help you pull off the day without a hitch.

1. Decide theme, color scheme and location with your photographer well in advance.

There is nothing worse than scrambling to pull together a photo shoot at the last minute. Schedule the shoot well in advance, and talk to your photographer about your vision for the images. What kind of vibe are you hoping to give off? Do you want the photographs to be set in a studio? Do you want them to take place in nature? Do you want your students to wear their costumes, or to simply follow a particular color scheme?

Answer all of these questions, and you will feel confident going into studio picture day.

2. Send home/e-mail a picture-day checklist for parents and guardians.

Prepare your parents for this day months before it happens. When you are a few weeks away from the shoot, send out a detailed checklist that includes hair expectations, makeup expectations, clothing expectations, location and timing of the shoot. Ask them to confirm that they received the information so that you know you can count on them. The more your parents know, the better the day will be.

3. Plan poses in advance.

Nothing can delay a photo shoot like deciding how to pose your students. Plan group picture poses in class the week before the shoot so that your dancers can get in and get out as quickly as possible. If your dancers plan to take individual photos, make sure to remind them that they need to come prepared with what they want to do in each picture so that they don’t waste time.

4. Have treats on hand for temperamental littles.

Parents are paying good money for these photos—make sure they aren’t ruined by a tearful little ballerina. Promising young dancers a reward for smiles and good behavior at the photo shoot can go a long way in getting the photos that will make everyone happy.

5. Be prepared to combat the forgetfulness of students.

Even with your vigilance in preparing parents for the big day, a few of your dancers are bound to forget important details. Come prepared with essentials like hair spray, lipstick, false eyelashes and bobby-pins. If you decide to have your dancers pose in a color scheme rather than costumes, come prepared with extra clothes that match the vision you have, just in case someone shows up in something that clashes.

Good luck, people! You got this!

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