5 Pointers for Cleaning the Floors at Your Dance Studio
September 18, 2018

Dance floors are tricky animals to work with. If you take care of them, they’re sure to last you a long time and be worth all the money you invest them. If you don’t keep them up, they’ll fall apart quickly and become a hazard for your students.

We’ve put together a list of five tips for cleaning your studio’s floors to help you keep them looking shiny and new. They may seem a bit obvious, but trust us, this is a SUPER-important reminder!

You’re welcome!

1. Clean them every day.

It’s a time commitment, but keeping up with the care of your studio’s floors every day will allow them to last longer and save you money in the long run. You can’t get away with a monthly or weekly cleaning. Be diligent!

2. Use cleaners that are meant specifically for dance floors.

Don’t just use the cheapest cleaner offered at your local grocery store. Use products that are safe for your dance floors, so you can keep your students safe, and your floors intact.

Here’s a good option for $40 on harlequinfloors.com:

3. Sweep before you mop.

This probably seems like a no brainer, but it’s important to get all the loose crumbs and residue off of the floor before you start your deep clean.

4. Don’t sweep or mop the floor with oil-treated mops or brooms.

Just don’t do it. They will leave a residue that will make your floor slippery.

5. Don’t put Coke on your floors.

Mopping with Coke has long been a tradition in the dance world. The result is a floor with more traction so dancers can avoiding slipping and falling in class. While it’s effective, it also attracts bugs and dirt.

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