Beginner Tips for Filming Your Next Dance Class
September 20, 2018

Filming class is all the rage these days, but without proper know-how, your videos can end up looking unprofessional. High- quality footage enhances the entire experience of your choreography and will give your students content they can use to promote themselves and further their career.

Here are five basic video tips for teachers who want to dip their toes in videography. These bad boys will put you on the road to get quality footage from your next class. Check ’em out! 👇

1. Use a tripod

To avoid shaky footage, always put your phone or camera on a tripod when shooting.

2. Film horizontally

Unless you’re filming for Instagram stories, never shoot video vertically. Horizontal shots will make for the simplest upload and edit process.

3. Buy a Gimbal (for mobile devices) or a Ronan (for traditional cameras)

In order to get smooth footage while moving around the room, use a Ronan or a Gimbal. These devices will make your dancers feel like they’re in a real video shoot and will give them the camera experience they need to be successful in the industry.

4. Light the room

Whether with natural light from the windows or a lighting kit like this one, proper lighting can take a poor-quality video to great-quality in seconds.

5. Get to know your favorite video-editing software

Once you’ve shot class, it’s time to edit. Take the time to get to know your video-editing software options. For beginners, iMovie is a great place to start. For more ambitious videographers, Adobe Premier Pro is excellent. Use online tutorials to discover all that these programs have to offer so you can edit your videos to perfection.

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