10 Props to Make Your Recital POP
April 7, 2016

1. Bench Add levels or a little drama, Mia Michaels–style, to a contemporary routine.

2. Cane A signature prop of the great Fred Astaire, canes add variety and class to jazz and tap numbers.

3. Chair Any chair adds another dimension to a dance, but folding chairs are transportable and easy to manipulate.

4. Fan Wave it or snap it open and shut. Channel Don Quixote’s Kitri with this fun and flirtatious prop.

5. Flowers Put them in a basket, create a beautiful bouquet or dance with a single flower.

6. Garland Re-create The Sleeping Beauty’s Garland Waltz with your ballerinas.

7. Hat Bowler, ascot, fedora, Stetson or top—you can’t go wrong with a hat.

8. Scarf Soft, light and airy—this amorphous material will bring out the softer side in your dancers.

9. Tambourine Make some noise! Tambourines are perfect for a tarantella or the Esmeralda variation.

10. Umbrella Whether you’re dancing to “Singin’ in the Rain” or “It’s Raining Men,” an umbrella will help you out.

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