You Know You're a Dance Teacher When…
April 25, 2018

Oh, dance teachers, you are a talented, organized and slightly insane bunch, and we ABSOLUTELY love you for it! Here are 12 things only dance teachers will relate to. Check ’em out!

1. 90 percent of your wardrobe is black athleisure.

It’s flattering and comfy. Why would we wear anything else??

2. Pedicures are completely wasted on your toes.

Honestly, why even bother?

3. Saturdays are the most stressful day of your week.

Three private lessons, one production rehearsal, two ballet classes, one technique class, hip-hop rehearsal, small group rehearsal, trio rehearsal, mini company rehearsal, junior company rehearsal, teen company rehearsal, senior company rehearsal (somebody stop usβ€”this list will go on forever).

4. Whether you’re on the freeway or stopped at a red light, you’re constantly choreographing in the car.

You don’t even want to know how many people have filmed your car choreography and posted it to their Instagram stories. You’re probably famous on the internet by now.

5. You sneakily use the Shazam app everywhere you go.

“What is this random song playing at Anthropologie? It would be perfect for a sassy jazz trio!”

6. You know all of your dancers’ routines, but mirrored.

Yeah, you’re basically a savant πŸ’β™€οΈ.

7. Tiny children ask you socially unacceptable, personal questions every day.

“Miss Suzie, why aren’t you married?” or “Miss Janet, do you have a baby in your tummy?”

8. When you get in the car, Apple Maps automatically tells you how long it will take you to get to the studio.

Honestly, you practically live there.

9. You spend so much time wading through a minefield of sensitive dancer feelings, you’ve basically earned yourself an honorary psychology degree.

“I’ve talked dancers through the trauma that comes from falling down onstage. I can do anything.”

10. Your loved ones have to remind you to talk about something other than your dancers.

“Oh, have I been talking about how much mini company has improved for the past hour and a half? Sorry, not sorry.”

11. You have an emotional breakdown at the end of every dance year when you have to say goodbye to your graduating seniors.

They spent more time at your studio than anywhere else. How are you supposed to just say goodbye??

12. You love your job more than the average person.

There truly is no better profession out there. Lucky you ❀️.

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