This Week’s Must-See Dance Video: “Anna,” with Ryan Heffington’s Choreography and Emma Stone
October 16, 2015

Happy Friday, indeed! Ryan Heffington, you insanely quirky genius and mustachioed mix of long limbs, blessed with a hair toss (and, well, a great mane of hair) to rival Willow Smith. He’s done it again—this time choreographing Will Butler’s (of Arcade Fire) video for “Anna” on none other than Emma Stone. Aaaaand it all happens aboard the Queen Mary.

We’ve seen Heffington’s impressive work with Maddie from “Dance Moms” and Sia in the “Chandelier” and subsequent videos, but while those took on a darker tone, “Anna” is all vintage boat sets, fuchsia lipstick and cash-eating. (Yep.) Plus, Heffington makes a couple of guest appearances. See if you can spot him!


Also recommended: this behind-the-scenes video with Heffington and Stone, in which he talks about growing up as a studio kid and making it in Los Angeles. Stone tells us which part of the music video is her favorite (It was mine, too! Soulmates.) and basically gushes over working with Heffington as much as any devotee should.


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