The Dance Craze Soon to Sweep the Nation: Toddlerography
February 26, 2016

LOL at James Corden’s face.

From the mouths (bodies?) of babes.

James Corden (of “The Late Late Show”) and Jenna Dewan Tatum (wife of Channing Tatum, co-star of Step Up and former back-up dancer for Janet Jackson) let a few toddlers dictate the choreography, and the result is funnier (and kind of…better) than you might think:


After giggling aloud at this video, I was reminded of another toddlerography video that went viral a few years back. “Baby Modern Dance” is a clip from one of choreographer Alexandra Beller’s rehearsals, in which her then-toddler takes charge of setting choreography. (Honestly, I think this kid has talent. Plus, Beller turned the idea into a full-length show later on.)


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