To Have a Set Syllabus, or Not to Have a Set Syllabus?
February 19, 2019

To have a set syllabus, or to not have a set syllabus, that is the question. Each year you have the chance to decide which is best for your dancers and their future. Both sides of the argument have compelling reasoning to back them up. Dancers simultaneously need structure and freedom in order to become their best selves. So, what WILL be best for them??

Unfortunately, that’s a decision we can’t make for you. But, we CAN lay out the pros and cons for you to consider in the context of your particular students. Check them out and then let us know on our Facebook page your thoughts on set syllabi.

Set Syllabus

Pro: The dancers have structure that will allow them to focus on doing movement correctly throughout the year, rather than just on how to remember the ever-changing combinations. A great deal of growth can come through training like this.

Con: It can become monotonous for the dancers, causing them to quickly lose interest in coming to dance. Set syllabi are most useful at a young age, but this is also the time when dancers are deciding how much they love dance class in the first place. You don’t want to lose students!

Changing Syllabus

Pro: Class is generally more exciting, and dancers have the chance to challenge their brains along with their technique. Because professional dance careers are full of new choreography and fast-paced learning, ever-changing combinations can prepare dancers for their futures.

Con: It is harder for dancers to grasp important concepts as the syllabus changes from week to week. It can take longer for students to improve technically when they haven’t had the time to hone details through repetition.

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