How to Respond to 4 Unreasonable Parent Requests (You've DEFINITELY Heard Before)
December 5, 2017

If you own a studio, your inbox is likely a mix of reminders, schedule confirmations and new-student inquiries—with a dash of requests from parents just ludicrous enough to make you wonder if steam really can come out of your ears. You know you need to keep their perspective in mind when replying—empathy and courtesy will ensure your parents feel heard—but what does an understanding yet firm, professional response look like?

Here are four real questions from real parents (we’ve changed identifying details). We asked a number of studio owners—all well-versed in teacher-parent communication—to suggest effective ways to respond.

“Why do I have to purchase a new costume this recital?”


“I don’t want to purchase a new costume for my daughter for this year’s recital. I’m going to have her wear the costume from last spring, which is almost identical to this season’s—just white instead of blue.”

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