History Quiz: Zeigfeld and his Follies
June 21, 2011

1.  Where was Florenz Zeigfeld born?


2.  What were two major influences of the Zeigfeld Follies


3.  What were the Zeigfeld Follies productions comprised of?


4.  In 1910, Zeigfeld hired the comedian Bert Williams to perform. Why was this revolutionary at the time?


5.  True or False: Zeigfeld hired leggy showgirls with hourglass figures and little body fat.


6.  True or False: Zeigfeld was a great choreographer.


7.  Today, which productions are clearly influenced by the Zeigfeld Follies?


8.  When was the last Zeigfeld Follies performance that was produced by Zeigfeld?


9.  Can you name two women who were famous Zeigfeld Follies showgirls?


10.  Which famous choreographer was the inspiration for the character Juilian Marsh in 42nd Street?



Answer Key

1.  Chicago;  2. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and the Folies Bergère;  3. A new revue-style production was unveiled each year, comprised of ballet and soft-shoe tapping, sentimental ballads and comedy, showgirls and theater.;  4. Williams was a black comedian, and due to racism and prejudice of the time, not conventionally hired for Broadway productions.;  5. True;  6. False;  7. The Radio City Rockettes;  8. 1931;  9. (mentioned in the article) Rose Dolores, Fanny Brice, Louise Brooks, Ann Pennington and Sophie Tucker;  10. Julian Mitchell

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