History Quiz: Russell Markert
December 8, 2010

1.     Name the group that inspired Markert to become a director and choreographer of precision-line dancing.


2.     What did Markert initially wish to do differently with his group?


3.     True or False: After returning home from Army duty in France, Markert lived the rest of his life with his mother and sister, and he never married or had children.


4.     Markert formed the _____ _____ in St. Louis. This troupe later relocated to NYC and underwent _____ name changes before permanently moving into Radio City Music Hall in Rockefeller Center in _____.


5.     Why did Markert retire in 1971, after a 39-year career?


6.     How did Markert develop a reputation as a father figure to the Rockettes?


7.     His _____ _____ has become a family holiday entertainment tradition.


8.     Name the prestigious award that he won with the Rockettes in 1937.


9.     True or False: Markert came from a long family line of stage performers.


10.  What was Markert’s greatest choreographic contribution?



ANSWER KEY:  1. The Ziegfeld Follies;  2. He wanted more tap dancing and higher kicking as performed by taller women.;  3. True;  4. Missouri Rockets; two; 1932;  5. Radio City had been losing money since the 1960s, and the aging Markert could no longer produce the grand spectacles he had grown accustomed to.;  6. He encouraged the dancers to come to him if they had problems; he paid them well; he offered them chaperoned lodging next to the theater.;  7. Christmas Spectacular;  8. The Grand Prix at the 1937 Paris Exposition;  9. False;  10. He made precision dancing into an art form by integrating it with elaborate stagecraft and lighting to create musically diverse and visually stunning shows, and he set the model for how to choreograph on gargantuan stages.


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