History Quiz: Moshé Feldenkrais
March 14, 2011

1. Name four areas of study that Feldenkrais used to create his method.


2. True of False: Today Feldenkrais classes can be found in college or university, physical therapy and dance studios settings.


3. Interested in sports and martial arts, Feldenkrais became one of the first Europeans to earn a _____ _____.


4. How is Feldenkrais is diff e rent than traditional dance training?


5. Name the two modalities of the Feldenkrais Method.


6. True of False: Feldenkrais is called the Father of Awareness.


7. How are most of the Method’s lessons performed?


8. Feldenkrais was first to use a _____, initially crafted in wood and later in foam, to massage and release tension in muscles.


9. What is the name of Feldenkrais’ 1967 landmark book?


10. Feldenkrais had been teaching the Method solely in _____ _____ before he led the first American training session in San Francisco in 1978.







1. Mechanical engineering, child development, physics, martial arts;  2. True;  3. Black belt;  4.Feldenkrais classes do not use mirrors, music, or imitation.;  5. Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration;  6. False; Feldenkrais is known as the Father of Somatics;  7. Lying down;  8. Roller;  9. Awareness Through Movement;  10. Tel Aviv

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