History Quiz: Maurice Béjart
October 29, 2010

1. What aspects made Béjart’s work revolutionary?


2. Name one famous choreographer who he influenced.


3. With Mona Ingelsby’s International Ballet company, Béjart danced the role of _____ in _____ _____ 239 times.


4. True or False: Béjart’s reinterpretation of masterpieces like Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring disregarded the original story lines.


5. Béjart was the first ballet choreographer to create a piece of dance to what type of musical compilation?


6. How many schools did Béjart open?


7. These schools emphasized not only ballet but also _____ _____ and _____.


8. True or False: Boloreo, the signature solo he created for his star performer, lover and muse, Argentinian dancer Jorge Donn, has only since been danced by Mikhail Baryshnikov.


9. What aspect of his life inspired his 2000 Nutcracker?


10. Often compared to a rock concert-like experience, Béjart’s grand theatrical spectacles were performed in what type of venues?











  1. Unconventional music, he explored spirituality, philosophy and sexuality and portrayed artistic figures as superstars;

2. Sasha Waltz, Angelin Preljoçaj, Boris Eifman and/or Pina Bausch;

3. Siegfried; Swan Lake;

4. True;

5. Musique concrete;

6. Three (Mudra, Mudra Senegal and Rudra);

7. World culture and philosophy;

8. False; also danced by Maya Plisetskaya and Vladmir Vasiliev;

9. It was inspired by his boyhood obsession to reconnect with his dead mother;

10. Sports arenas and circus tents

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