History Quiz: Joseph Pilates
March 1, 2010

1.    Why does Joseph Pilates’ method suit dancers so well?


2.    Name 3 notable dancers who took class with him in New York City.


3.    True or False: Throughout his childhood, Pilates observed natural movement in children and animals. In fact, it was the still-active starving
cats he watched while a German captive during World War I that inspired him to begin exercising his fellow inmates.


4.    Name some of the odd jobs and sports he pursued as a young man.


5.    Who, after meeting Pilates in Germany post WWI, incorporated some of Pilates’ exercises into his methods that, along with the teachings of Mary Wigman, would later be spread to the United States? (Hint: This German dance pioneer is considered to be one of the most important figures in the history of dance.)


6.    True or False: Pilates’ exercise program was the very first to exist in the early 20th century.


7.    What modern dancer worked with Pilates to develop her modern class floor exercises?


8.    Pilates called his teachings _____.


9.    Name three machines Pilates developed.


10.    What is the name of his famous abdominals exercise?






1. It works on balancing strength and flexibility with an emphasis on breathing and the body’s core.;  2. Ted Shawn, Martha Graham, Jacques D’Amboise;  3. True;  4. Circus performer, physical fitness and self-defense trainer; skiing, diving and gymnastics;  5. Rudolf von Laban;  6. False;  7. Hanya Holm;  8. Contrology;  9. Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Universal Reformer;  10. The 100s abdominals


Read the full article on Joseph Pilates, here.

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