History Quiz: Gregory Hines
May 1, 2010

1. As young children, Gregory Hines and his brother Maurice were a professional act called what?

A) The Hines Kids

B) Hines Times Two

C) Hines+Hines


2. Who was Gregory Hines’ first teacher?


3. As a young kid, where did Hines jam with the older generation hoofers like Charles “Honi” Coles and The Nicholas Brothers?


4. In 1954, Gregory and Maurice Hines made their Broadway debut in what show?


5. True or False: In 1973, Hines left the family act and moved to Venice Beach, CA, where he formed a jazz-rock ensemble and adopted the hippie lifestyle.


6. Hines won a Tony Award for his performance in what Broadway show?

A) Sophisticated Ladies

B) Eubie!

C) Jelly’s Last Jam


7. Hines modernized tap by replacing its polished, foursquare tempos of the 1930s with what?


8. In the movie White Nights, Hines performed with what ballet dancer?

A) Rudolf Nureyev

B) Mikhail Baryshnikov

C) Jerome Robbins


9. Tap, the 1989 film that experimented with rock music, brought Hines together with legendary tappers like Howard “______”  Sims, ______ _______ and _______ ______, and Hines’ protégé _______ ______.


10. Hines was an ambassador for tap dance and helped convince Congress to create ______ _______ _______ ______.




1. A;  2. Henry LeTang;  3. In the basement of the Apollo theater;  4. The Girl in Pink Tights;  5. True;  6. C;  7. Hard, roughed-up, low-to-the-ground, free-flowing, funky rhythms;  8. B;  9. “Sandman,” Jimmy Slyde, Bunny Briggs and Savion Glover;  10. National Tap Dance Day 


Click here to read the full article on Gregory Hines!


Additional Resources:


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directed by Nick Castle, Tristar Pictures, 1989

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The Gregory Hines Collection at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

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