History Quiz: B.K.S. Iyengar
March 6, 2012

1. What is Iyengar’s seminal work, published in 17 languages?


2. Yoga is a ______-year-old tradition.


3. What makes Iyengar yoga accessible to those who want to


4. Where is the Iyengar Institute? Hint: It’s where Iyengar teaches today.


5. When did Iyengar first travel to the United States?


6. Which famous choreographer was an early yoga practitioner?


7. True or False: To become an Iyengar yoga instructor, one needs to study intensely for three years before
working with a certified instructor?


8. Iyengar wrote, “To the yogi, the body is a _____ for life, a field of _____ and perpetual research.”


9. True or False: In 2004, Iyengar was named one of TIMES’ top 100 icons of the year.


10. What are pranayama and asanas?


BONUS: Why do many dancers practice yoga?






1. Light on Yoga, 1966

2. 3,000-year-old-tradition

3. Iyengar yoga uses props, such as blankets, belts, ropes, chairs and blocks,
that give people support and safeguard them from injury.

4. Pune, India

5. 1956

6. Merce Cunningham

7. True

8. “To the yogi,
the body is a laboratory for life, a field of experimentation and perpetual research.”

9. True

10. Pranayama: Slow, extended breathing
asanas: yoga poses.

BONUS: Yoga develops strength, increases awareness of breath and creates muscular balance.

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