​DT​'s 2019 List of 5 Pranks to Play on Your Students for April Fools' Day Is Here!
April 1, 2019

We’re baaaaaack! 5 Pranks to Play on Your Students for April Fools’ Day 2.0 is here and ready to rumble. Use any one of these in your classroom, and you’re sure to spend the rest of your day chuckling. Use all of them at once, and we aren’t sure your dancers will ever recover 😏 😂 🤣.

Film any of the pranks you do on your students and share them on social media with us. We are VERY excited to see what hilarious things come from this day.

You’re welcome!

1. Deceptively Icky Treats

Make caramel onions (not apples), and give them to your students as a treat during class on April 1! To make sure it doesn’t seem suspicious, bring normal treats for them a few times leading up to the prank day. Be sure to film their reactions!


2. Rehearsal Wakeup Call

Tape an air horn to the doorstop behind the rehearsal-studio door. When your dancers open it as they get to class, it will shock them. They will be wide awake and ready to dance after their laugh attacks!


3. Rat Attack

Fill the studio with fake (stuffed animal) rats. Students will freak out the second they walk in the door.


4. No Phones in Class or They’ll Be Smashed

Get an old cell phone and sneakily insert it into one of your dancers’ bags when they aren’t looking. Have it go off in class and angrily hunt the room for it. Once you find the bag, take the phone out and throw it on the floor and stomp on it, or drop it in your water. Your students won’t know what to do with themselves!


5. New Dance?

After warm-up, tell your dancers to get in formation for a competition number they don’t actually have. Make up a name for it, and use a song they have never heard before. Turn on the music and sit down to take corrections. Act frustrated when they say this isn’t their dance. Angrily storm out of the room before coming back in laughing your guts out. They will be positively dizzy with confusion!


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