Ask the Experts: How Do I Express My Studio's Uniqueness on Social Media?
May 26, 2020

Q: How do I stand out on social media if all the other dance studios seem to say the same things I do?

A: Social media works best when you stay true to your unique studio culture. Be relatable, engaging and responsive. Here are some tips we have found useful.

Use the kind of tone, language and philosophy that represents you and your studio.

Use photos and videos of your own students whenever possible, because they are truly what makes you unique. Take care to share a variety of images that represent your entire student body.

Monitor your direct messages (DMs), because your audience wants to know there’s someone listening. Responding to comments with a like, a love or a short thanks will show you care and that you appreciate them. Engagement with your dancers and parents in particular is key.

It helps to be consistent with your posting and sharing schedule. For example, you could post motivational posts on Mondays, tips on Tuesdays, studio promotion posts on Wednesdays, etc. Doing this gives you a focus and lets other organic posts become more spontaneous.

Maximize your social bio and “About Us” sections of social media.

Use a unique, consistent hashtag to make finding and engaging with your audience easier.

When you take time to watch your social-media analytics to see what posts and pages are most engaging and clicked, you can start to do more of what’s working.

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