Ask Deb: How Can I Prevent Bunion Growth?
November 7, 2018

Q: Can I Keep My Bunions From Getting Bigger?

A: Yes! There are muscles attached to your toes that keep them separated. When you get a bunion or bunionette (bunions on the little-toe side) you begin to lose the ability to spread the toes. The less able you are to fan the toes and stand evenly on your feet, the more easily you pronate, which in turn can enlarge your bunions because bones respond to the forces placed on them. Focusing on strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the feet and standing evenly on the pads of the big toe, little toe and heel will help keep you from pronating and prevent the bunions from getting bigger.

It’s important to figure out why you got your bunions in the first place. Although familial patterns of alignment and structure may be more or less conducive to developing bunions, they are not actually hereditary. Did you get them from forcing turnout at your feet, and rolling in when you are in first position? Do you have a pronation problem that needs to be addressed with orthotics? Being properly placed on the feet with balanced and strong foot muscles is always the first step toward reducing bunion pain.

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