April 28th Is National Super Hero Day: Be the Superwoman (or Man) Your Students Need
April 26, 2019

It’s National Super Hero day this weekend—yet another great opportunity to add some spice to your classroom! Be the superhero your students need and dress up as your favorite character. Let them do the same, and encourage them to use their newfound powers to help them polish their technique.

Here are three superheroes who are ideal for this exercise! Let us know what other ones you come up with in our comments!


1. Spiderman

Encourage your dancers to be like Spiderman to use their imaginary webs to assist them in finding their angles. Have them visualize shooting their webs directly in front, to the side and behind them during tendu, and have their toes trace the lines during the combinations. This visual will help keep them square.

2. Wonder Woman

Have your dancers act as Wonder Woman to use their newfound superhuman strength, flight and speed to travel the floor with ease during grand allégro. Gal Gadot is all the inspiration they need to soar through the air—trust us.

3. Iron Man

Tell your dancers to be like Iron Man and use the magnetic plate (otherwise known as the Arc Reactor) in their chest to help them open their third eye, and perform out toward the audience. This will encourage them to have long necks, a chest that is lifted and energized, and ribs that stay knit together.

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