8 Products Dance Educators Live For
November 29, 2018

It’s Cyber Monday, people, which means it’s time to go online shopping for all your favorite dance-teacher needs! Today, educators everywhere are scouring the internet for some of their favorite deals. Here are eight products dance teachers positively live for!

Let us know if we got it right, and share on our Facebook page the best dance-teacher Cyber Monday deals you find!

1. Teacher shoes with arch support

Protect the feet!!!!


2. Ballet wrap skirts

They’re cute and functional, people!


3. Leggings

Pants from heaven—need I say more?


4. Sports bras

There would be no functioning without them.


5. Wireless teacher mics

Thank you, Britney!


6. Day planners

Organization is key in this industry.


7. Hairspray/hair elastics/bobby pins

You will never have enough.


8. Apple watches

(For the ability to control music from the other side of the classroom, and track your fitness—obviously 💁♀️.)


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