7 Ways Dance Teachers Should Treat Themselves This Week
December 21, 2018

This year has been a long and exhausting one for everyone. Am I right?? At this point, you guys are ready for a break, and a fresh start to 2019. We say, TREAT YOURSELVES! Finish off the year restfully by taking the time to relax and enjoy these seven rejuvenating activities. Make yourself a priority, because, honey, you deserve it!

1. Get a Massage

Is there anything more heavenly?


2. Get a Pedicure

(Man or woman, foot hygiene is crucial and relaxing!)


3. Take a Nap

Ladies and gentlemen, you HAVE to sleep! Schedule one or two fewer privates this week so you can get your eight hours in!


4. Go to the Sauna

Yes, detox!


5. Binge Some Netflix

Go ahead and numb out to the amazing holiday movies that are out right now.


6. Get Your Hair Done

Get looking your finest for your holiday parties! Do something for you!


7. Eat Dessert

You deprive yourselves too often! Enjoy a dang treat tonight!


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