5 Memes That Perfectly Depict the Phases of Nationals Recovery
July 13, 2018

Nationals is a doozy every summer—ESPECIALLY for dance teachers. You spend the whole year gearing up for one week of pure insanity. Nonstop classes, last-minute rehearsals, costume malfunctions, emotional students, stressed parents, endless awards ceremonies and a fancy gala—this week is enough to kill you. Yet somehow you’ve survived, and now it’s time to detox! To help, here are memes that perfectly depict the five phases of Nationals recovery every dance teacher goes through. You’ll die over how accurate they are.

Get ready to laugh!

Oh, and you’re welcome 💁♀️.

1. Pure elation

“I did it!!! I’m amazing!!! I deserve an award for making it out alive!”

3. Instant grief over the loss of your favorite pieces from the year

“That piece was so beautiful! How will we ever top it??”

3. An exhaustion-induced psychotic break

You flip back and forth from cackling laughter to uncontrollable sobs every 15 minutes, with no reasonable explanation.

4. Hibernation

You go completely off the grid while you sleep for two days straight. There is just no other option.

5. Total panic

Time to wake up! There’s no such thing as rest for dance teachers. Buckle up ladies and gents, because summer intensives are right around the corner!

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