4 Cringe-Worthy Things Dance Teachers Have to Deal With Each School Year
August 29, 2018

Each school year, there are a few things you have to deal with as dance teachers that immediately make your skin crawl. You walk a thin line between wanting your students to have some balance in life, and wanting them to be committed to dance so they can reach their dreams. Between school, socializing, training, competing and performing, there’s bound to be some overlap that makes you want to pull your hair out. 😡🙅😭😩

Check out our list of things you’re guaranteed to have to deal with before the school year is done.

If you know, you know.

1. Sorry I’m late. My carpool forgot to pick me up from school.

OK, so technically this isn’t their fault, and you really shouldn’t get mad at them for it, but—DROP AND GIVE ME 10 PUSH-UPS!

2. I can’t come to rehearsal on Friday. There’s a football game.

I mean, you want your kids to enjoy high school so they have more than dance memories to look back on in life, but COME ON!

3. I have prom the same day as our final regional competition of the season. Can you re-space my dances?

Now this one’s tricky. They’re almost guaranteed to hate their prom just like everyone else on the planet, but how can you possibly keep them from an experience like that? But, OMG RE-SPACE THE DANCES RIGHT BEFORE COMPETITION?? You’d rather rhinestone a thousand costumes than deal with that mess.

4. I can’t get checked out early for competition on Friday. My school says I’ve missed too much already.

Alright, so it’s kind of your fault that they’ve been checked out early so many times this year, and education is essential, but also, you don’t get to choose what time they compete their solos so…sorry? 🤷

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