Pina Bausch: Embodying Tanztheater
November 7, 2016

In our November issue’s History: Lesson Plan, we learn about Pina Bausch, a German choreographer who helped popularize Tanztheater (dance theater). Tragically, Bausch passed away at age 68—only days after being diagnosed with cancer and before a scheduled film shoot. Filmmaker Wim Wenders did go on to create a stunning documentary about Bausch and her company: 

Bausch in 1984

In her 1978 piece Café Müller, which was based on her experience growing up in a hotel and restaurant run by her parents, Bausch danced on a dimly lit stage surrounded by dozens of café chairs. Meanwhile, a woman stumbles through the space with her eyes closed as a man swiftly moves chairs out of her way. Later, a woman in high heels scurries around anxiously.

Watch this clip of Bausch dancing in Café Müller. For more on the iconic choreographer, subscribe to Dance Teacher and receive the November issue.

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